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The Hannah Gordon Site
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Here's a chance for you to contribute.

I have built this website not just for my pleasure, but for the pleasure and enjoyment of other people. Therefore, if you have anything you want to say about this site or you want to voice your opinions on Hannah Gordon herself- get in touch!
(The green writing is emails from people and the pink is my replies.)

Can we campaign for Hannah to do another Watercolour Challenge. From one fan to another. She didn't seem to get a fair showing on the After Upstairs Downstairs programme either, or am I biased? I.K.

I totally agree with you! Hannah is very underrated which is unfortunate. I also think Watercolour Challenge has been too successful to be taken off the screens! I will get in touch with Planet 24 (who make the programme) and find out more for you!

Hello Hannah saw your biog of Hannah Gordon and wonder if you can help She presented a gardening related programme in the 80s or early 90s I think maybe visting peoples gardens not sure Anyway I'm trying to find out what the theme tune was - it was a beautiful acoustic guitar solo. If you can help - what the programme was, which channel, or even know the tune!, I'd be really grateful Thanks in anticipation Andy Holt

Hi Andy! Thanks for your email. I think the programme you mentioned was called 'Gardener's Calendar'. However, that is all I know I'm afraid! I suggest you write to the BBC and ask them about the theme. Sorry I can't be of more assistance. I was only just starting school in the late 80s so I don;t think I would have watched the programme! Good luck in your search.   Hannah.

Hi there hannah,
                                             I have been looking for a hannah gordan site for quite some time 
                                             as I worked with her on Waterclour Challenge for 2 years. She is 
                                             a really nice person and a pleasure to work with. Have you met her? 
                                             Just wanted to let you know that it is Unlikley that the show will 
                                             run again as Planet 24 (it's producers) have basically shut up shop 
                                             after the demise of the Big Breakfast, which they also produced. 
                                             However for Hannah, I think this may be a good thing, as she can 
                                             get back to her first love, Acting.
                                             Good luck with the site and I will pop in from time to time so see 
                                             how it is progressing and catch up on my Hannah gossip. 
                                             Take care. (T. Poole)

Thanks for getting
                                             in touch! I hope to see Hannah in the theatre sometime soon!


Hi! Hannah. Do you know of any forthcoming T.V.
                                             Hannah Gordon is due to make, or are our T.V. screens going to be 
                                             bereft? (Isabel Keenan) 
It's funny you should ask that! I wrote to Hannah a couple of days ago asking about any future engagements so I will keep you posted on what she says!

Hi Hannah. Having missed
                                             The black Canary on T.V. I bought it last week in the BBC shop. See what you mean about Hannah's acting. She didn't have much
                                             to say, but she didn't need it. She was able to express so much the feelings of Marella by gesture and look. It was a great
                                             performance nearly 'under played' to perfection. 
(From Isabel Keenan)
Hi Isabel! Yes Hannah was brilliant in 'Black Canary'. It makes
                                             you wonder if the part was written specially for her! Anyway, let's hope she does more guest appearances in the near future.

Hi There,
Apparently Hannah is to voice the spaceship in the long aborted Dr. Who story 'Shada'. What a change from Watercolours and running over Victor Meldrew!!(Not forgetting certain sagas etc,of course)
Long may she continue. Trev

Yes it's good to know that Hannah is still well-known for her lovely voice. She has done many radio plays in the past.


Hi Hannah,
Back again.
Could you possibly tell me which is the best address
to write to your namesake for requesting a signed
photo to add to my mini collection?
Best wishes

The address I always write to is the Conway Van Gelder one and I have always received a reply. Just to warn you, a reply will take about 3 weeks to come through and although I wrote to Hannah about a month ago, I still haven't had anything back because she has been really busy over the past couple of months! Hannah.

What an absolutely beautiful woman!!!
(From Jay Patterson)
Thank you for the comment on Hannah- I am sure she would be very flattered! I hope you continue to enjoy the site!