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Mailbag (3)
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Keep your messages rollin' in fans!

  I've just mailed my (female) cousin to recommend Richard Dawkin's C4 program
tomorrow night. I suggested that if the content wasn't interesting, he was known
as the 'thinking woman's crumpet'. Recalling that the phrase 'thinking man's
crumpet' was originally applied to Hannah Gordon in the 70's, I did a Google
search - and found your site. Interesting! Page 3 glamour girls were two-a-penny
in the 70's, but Hannah Gordon, intelligent, dignified, serious, ...etc, was
considered the most beautiful woman of her generation. The 'thinking man's
crumpet' description was known nationally and appeared regularly in newspapers
and on TV. I wasn't aware of the difficult life that she had experienced - that
might partly explain the slightly serious air she displayed which, coupled to
the beautiful features, set her apart from her peers.
  Just out of interest.

Dear Herbert,
Thank you very much for your email! I can agree with everything you say there. Hannah is lovely I have heard so many people say so. In fact, I don't think anyone has ever said anything bad! Hope you continue to enjoy the site!

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