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Mailbag 2

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(Please excuse the way in which some of the text is layed out. I have tried to align it correctly but this computer has a mind of it's own! Hannah.)

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Hi Hannah,
                                    I  was just looking through your website beacuse I recently 
                                    went on holiday with  Hannah Gordon to France. She is a lovely woman and has 
                                    told me personally that  her fans have treated her well (except one pervert, but
                                    we won't go into that).  She will be appearing in My Fair Lady in Edinburgh 
                                    and Bristol very soon. She  has told me all about it and I can tell you that it 
                                    will be worth going to. She  also tells me that she would like to have done 
                                    another series of watercolour  challenge, however the production company 
                                    weren't so keen and anyhow, she told  me that she prefers acting on stage than
                                    on TV. Nice talking to you  Hannah,
                                    By  the way...Hannah is very impressed with the quality of this 
                                    Yours  Truly.
                                    JOE  (London)
Dear Joe,
Thank you very much for
                                    your email! I am really pleased and flattered that Hannah likes the site! 
I didn't even know that she was aware of it being here! If
                                    you know anything on Hannah's future 
projects- TV or stage, then please
                                    let me know as all her fans are missing her!!

Oh Hannah!

Just been to see My Fair Lady again, so good!  Unfortunately this time I was way
up in the balcony so no chance for pictures!  Have you seen the official website
though, its got all the tour dates on it if you wanted them for your website and
maybe its coming near you and you could go see it:
  Went to the pub next door to the theatre after the show and Russ Abbot and
Christopher Cazenove came in which was quite exciting.  I just wanted to go up
to one and ask where Hannah was!!  ;-)
  Anyway I really "could have danced all night" but should go to bed!
  Take care
Hi Maria!
Thank you for your email- I'm glad you enjoyed the show! I really want to see it when it comes to Plymouth, but it is unfortunate that Hannah won't be in it!

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