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In the beginning...

Hannah Cambell Grant Gordon was born in Newhaven, Edinburgh, on the 9th April, 1941 to parents Hannah Grant and William Munro Gordon.
When she was just nine years old, Hannah lost her mother to a heart attack, and two years later, her father died after a long illness. After her parents died she was looked after by 2 uncles and her great aunt Maggie, all living together in a big Victorian house in Edinburgh. During her time at St. Dennis' she played Buttercup in H.M.S. Pinafore. Her Uncle Richie had sent her to Elocution lessons and she didn't think the headmistress approved. She actually trained to be a drama teacher, not an actress. After leaving Drama School she was with Dundee Rep and did 24 plays there including Shakespeare, Shaw, Ibsen and Chekov. Then she did 4 months with the Citizen Theatre in Glasgow before moving to London where she acted in the Globe etc. She married her husband (Norman Warwick) 6 months after meeting on the set of Spring and Port Wine.
 She married camaraman Norman Warwick in 1970 and had a son, Ben, in 1973.
Sadly, Norman died in 1994, aged 64.
  Hannah believes that, because she has suffered so much in past years, it has made her who she is today. When she applied for a place at a drama academy, the people there found her very witty and she was an immediate success. She has worked several times since then with the man who gave her a place at the school.
But things are now on the up, since Hannah met her new man- Rob Leighton. They have been living together for some time now and Hannah said in an interview, that Ben also thinks that Rob is great!

I was named after Hannah Gordon because my mum met her many years ago. I have asked many people who have both met and worked with her and they have all said the same thing: she is a lovely person, and very charming and attractive.

I wrote to her a couple of years back to ask her about future TV or theatre roles and she replied in her own hand! She wrote a rather 'brief' letter (as she was actually in the middle of filming the painting series 'Watercolour Challenge'). She said that I might like it and sure enough, I did! A totally charming lady, although I have never met her, but some day, I hope I do.

You can write to Hannah Gordon- send your letters to:

Hannah Gordon, C/O Conway Van Gelder Ltd, 18-21 Jermyn Street, London, SW1Y 6HP.


C/O Hutton Management, 200 Fullham Road, London, SW10 9PN


Birth Name: Hannah Cambell Grant Gordon
Date of Birth: 9th April, 1941
Education: St. Denis School for Girls, Glasgow University
Family History: Married Norman Warwick in 1970, had a son, Ben, in 1973
Astrological Sign: Aries